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疯狂建筑师Bjarke Ingels现场解说设计灵感8house (有翻译中英文字)

ArMaster 2012-11-6 14:53 原作者: BIG e+a

简介 :不懂丹麦语的童鞋以往就看一个热闹,热情的e+a小组逐字的录入了该视频的英文并进行了翻译,有助于大家理解8house和BIG的创作思路、设计手法等……
关于【The 8 House and 8-Tallet】的介绍:http://www.arclub.com/article-805-1.html
Copenhagen's newest neighborhood, rested is considered a modern version of Frederiksstaden.
A brand new city, erected in a bare field.
Where nothing exists, everything is possible!
In the middle of the common , there are plenty of possibilities to develop new architectural species.
The VM Houses were a 3D puzzle of apartment.
VM 住宅对于公寓来说是个立体上的难题。
VM Mountain is a man-made slope of villa gardens.
VM 山体是一个人工的斜坡式的别墅花园。
Recently we were commissioned to design a house or rather two new houses a gigantic block and a small tower.
Here is Amager Common, an enormous green area in the middle of Copenhagen twice the size of Dyrehaven.
这里是 Amager 公有地,它是位于哥本哈根中心的一大块绿地,有Dyrehaven的两倍大。
And Copenhagen's Harbor, stretching from Kongelunden all the way through the city to Nordhavnen.
restad is situated as a strip along the metro connecting the inner city to Amager Common.
李斯泰德坐落在直达Amager 公有地和市内的铁路沿线。
At the end of restad, is our site in the new neighborhood, which is meant to be a modern version of Frederiksstaden.
If we zoom in, it is simply our job, within this building block to create 500 dwellings and 400 workspaces.
In the middle of the block, we need to place a small tower.
The adjacent building is an office complex.
Rather than merging the tower and the block we propose an urban cell split by separating the two blocks from each other and simultaneously give the quarter anew square.
If we zoom in on this emerging plaza the moment the block disappears the tower drops into the middle of a plaza.
instead of being a strange appendix on the block it becomes a freestanding campanile similar to the famous church tower on the marketplace in Venice.
A monolith completely surrounded by an urban context.
Being a Copenhagen tower defined by the city's traditional towers and spires this should not be a giant skyscraper but a tall, slender tower.
The footprint is only 160 square meters equivalent to atypical single family house mind you, a single family house in 16 floors.
160平米足以, 相当于一个典型的家庭住宅, 但要注意的是, 这是个有16层高的"住宅".
The proportions are also fixed: 10 by 16 meters, facing south.
In the top of the building it works perfect.
The residences have perfect view overlooking the roofs cape of our block.
But the lower floors look straight into the back of the block.
So we simply twist the bottom part like this and the residences face southwest toward the plaza.
The result is a twisted tower with the same formal language as a crushed milk carton.
Architectonically, the result is a facetted triangular gable motif.
Here it actually reminds us of a traditional merchant's estate a pointed gable with a pitched roof, in this otherwise modern tower.
That was the small tower.
Now to the last 57,000m2 in the gigantic block.
It's a big house- a very big house.
It's actually so big that it straddles the boundary between building and city planning.
它实际上是如此之大, 骑跨了建筑与城市之间的边界。
An entire neighborhood conceived at once, as one building.
于是立刻构想出整个社区— 一栋建筑!
Architecture is most appealing with simple lines and clear ideas.
A city, on the other hand, becomes alive when it is rich with experiences and surprises.
So the paradoxical challenge is to simultaneously create simplicity and variety diversity and coherence, in other words, to create a city in the building.
Today, when creating a new neighborhood or a new building we try to recreate the variety found in the historic city.
今天, 当我们创造一个新的社区或者一个新的建筑, 我们更愿意尝试在这个历史悠久的城市里重塑一个多样化的基地.
But how do you recreate this?
By making something, which resembles a historic city.
In some places, attempts have been made to create the apparent variety of Nyhavn's buildings by having one architect design all the house.
 (Nyhavn's  即新港运河,是一条人工运河,建于1669年至1673年,该运河将海水直接引进国王新广场。当时建造新港运河的主要目的是将海上交通引进城市中心,从而促进哥本哈根的经济发展。人们现在依然可以看到最早在运河两岸建造的房子之一,今天的新港已经面目全新了。能晒到太阳的一侧已经变成步行街。古老的海员酒吧已被赏心悦目的餐馆所取代。)
A cosmetic variation, like a 40cm deep skin on top of a totally homogeneous building mass.
We know this from the towns in a cowboy movie: different facades are smacked onto identical barracks.
But we're not interested in this type of fake difference.
The difference between building 30m to the left or right is not that big.
but there is a world of difference between building 30m up and 30m down.
Especially if you ask a real estate agent!
What if, instead of simulating different houses next to each other we stack different functions, like an urban layer cake with each activity placed on top of the next...on top of the next...on top of the next...
For example, shops and offices prefer direct contact with the customers at street level and large interconnected floors.
Furthermore, they like daylight but hate direct sunlight in the eyes or the computer screen.
We therefore place the whole commercial part in the bottom of the building.
The opposite goes for housing: which loves sunshine but hates aground floor location where people can look straight into the apartment.
We therefore place all the dwellings on top of the commercial functions.
But shops and offices have deeper floors than housing.
Along the lowest residences a path, or roof garden, appears as we know it from Kartoffelrakkerne with a private front garden and a communal path in front.
Imagine if we could create a modern version of Kartoffelrakkerne by turning the bottom residences into two-story row houses with front gardens and a connecting path so the kids can go visit each other?
试想,我们如何打造一个现代版的Kartoffelrakkerne, 将居住的底层改为双层排屋,带有前花园和一条连接的小径,这样小孩子可以相互串门:)
On top of the row houses we throw a layer of apartments traditional apartments, where the lowest one, mind you is located on the 3rd or 4th level.
Finally, on top, we add two floors with pent row houses with both front gardens and roof gardens.
We have now made a layer cake, where each function has found its optimal niche, in regard to needs and wishes as an architectonic symbiosis.
But the master plan asks for a direct passage all the way from Amager Common through the building block, to Hein Heinsens Square.
但是总平面对道路有一个要求,就是需要一条直接的通道从Amager公用地,穿过该建筑街区,通往Hein Heinsens.
To create this east-west passage, we tie a knot on the block converting the four-sided block to a figure 8 creating two new plazas, by extending the pavement in to the building, as a direct connection between the two urban spaces, in east and west.
As previously mentioned, the offices are not too crazy about sunshine where residences use energy to produce heating offices use it for cooling.
Thus in the two sun facing corners we push the office part all the way to the ground in south and west.
To compensate, we lift up the commercial functions to a four-storey office building.
At the same time we lift up the row houses and the apartments on top changing the location from boring northeast to the sunny southwest.
Where they get a fantastic view above the opposite neighbors and the roofs cape all the way to Amager Common.
In the opposite corner, we push the whole block almost to the ground. to open up the southwestern courtyard and its apartments to the view to Amager Common and let the courtyard bathe in the afternoon sun.
在对面这个角落,为了开放西南面的院落和公寓,让人能看到Amager 共有地,也让院子可以沐浴在午后的阳光里,我们几乎把这个部分降到了地面。
The two distortions of the block necessary to optimize and provide each function maximum view. daylight. and sunlight causes the walkway to rise and fall and is in fact, one continuous mountain path which moves all the way to the northeastern corner connects to the upper part continues all the way to the top of the block and from this point all the way down to the bottom again.
这两个体块的变形, 形成高低起伏的步行道, 从而使视野, 日照及阳光每样功能都得到了最优化, 最大化. 一个连续不断的山体小径, 一直延续到东北角, 并一路连接到体块的顶层, 又从这一点可以重新回到建筑底部.
Besides the cafe, located in the lowest southwestern corner all the building's communal functions have been concentrated in the point where the figure 8 crosses itself.
除了咖啡店被放在,底层的西南角, 他所有的公共空间都被集中在8的节点处.
As a vertical focal point, we have placed all the different social activities: common room, guest apartments, lounges, cinema and roof terrace and connected them with a common stair which ricochets through the inner void.
作为一个纵向的焦点, 我们已经把不同的活动空间: 公共休息室, 酒店式公寓, 休息室, 剧场,屋顶露台, 以一个穿梭于内部空间的公共的楼梯连接到一起.
A social tower binding the house together from basement to attic. From the shopping life of the urban space to the social life of the row houses to the inhabited balconies of the apartments, to the roof gardens of the penthouses to the front gardens of the terrace houses 8house makes for one architectonic idea which results in an orgy of various spatial ties:  Plazas, courtyards, stepped streets and mountain paths. Where the public life traditionally is tied to take place on the ground flat as a pancake, with everything upward privatized 8house allows the city's social life to invade the higher altitudes.
这个开放式的塔楼把这栋建筑从地下室到阁楼都捆绑起来. 从城市化的消费生活到排屋带来的社交生活, 又到私人阳台的公寓生活, 从坡屋顶上的屋顶花园到带有前花园的排屋, 8house 打造了一个新的建筑理念, 在一个空间里, 各种空间关系和功能可以一同狂欢: 广场, 院落, 台阶式街道, 山体小径. 把一个本应该传统式排排站的公共空间, 居住空间做成了一个煎饼, 并且向上私有化的8house 允许城市的社交生活融入到高层中去.
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